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Bluetooth Diffuser

Bluetooth Diffuser

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Our new 1,000 ml LED Light Bluetooth Diffuser combines functionality with ambiance. This versatile diffuser features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to play audio. It also comes with a handy remote control to easily adjust settings such as mist intensity, lighting modes, and timer options.

Perfect for creating a serene and aromatic atmosphere in any space, it also boasts a large water tank for extended use without frequent refills.

Included with diffuser:

water cup for filling 


*Music in videos are playing from diffusers*

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Customer Reviews

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Keepcalm Bluetooth Diffuser!

I purchased the second edition of the KeepCalm Bluetooth Diffuser and let meee tell youuu - it is hard to beat! First of all, I bought both editions and I had the first one for 3 years. It was wonderful, but everything you got in the old edition you get in the new one, completely revitalized to enhance the beauty that is this product!

To start - It is way bigger! It carries about 4 cups of water which makes for a longer diffuse time with a 6hr and 9hr timer. It has a thicker and more dense mist and fragrant vapor compared to a lot of other diffusers I’ve used and seen.
It has 4 different settings for mist options that can be controlled from a mini remote that comes with it.
It also controls the power button, timer, and lights (my fav feature).

The second thing is the Bluetooth Speaker!! Surprisingly loud and clear. If you’re like me and you always let your products die, you’ll find that this product can be extremely convenient. It doesn’t need a charge just needs to be plugged in. It’s easy to pair and can be controlled from your phone.

My absolute favorite thing - call me superficial idc idc - is the appearance!! It is GORGEOUS!! It’s easy to assemble and I love the way it looks. The brown wooden print with a smooth texture and geometrical design at the top that you can choose through 14 different colors - is truly stunning. It combines for a product that’s sophisticated and tranquil.

I am genuinely impressed and completely satisfied with this diffuser. Ohhh, I forgot to mention that it comes with a keepcalm sticker and a logo pin!!! Would absolutely recommend! As of right now I have zero complaints - 10/10 for sure!!!