Calm Core

Aromatherapy is the practice and usage of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils, most commonly used in massage or baths. There are many other self-care products and services to explore. Keep Calm infuses aromatic benefits into different methods of applications, using pure essential oils with organic ingredients to create a solid supportive factor for tranquility and wellness. 

The benefits to aromatherapy are not limited to adults, children also benefit greatly from the properties of essential oil infused products, with proper care and knowledge, the whole family can utilize the aromatic and therapeutic benefits in essential oils.  

Dilution and education are extremely important when dealing with essential oils and aromatherapy methods.

Our company aims to simplify the self care routine to achieve daily peace. In addition to products, our creator is also an aromatherapist providing consulting services, sessions and workshops for all aromatic wellness needs.



With a passion for aromatic products and therapeutic activities, Cristina Melo began some research that spiraled into the birth of Keep Calm Aromatherapy. in 2017, the first sample sale introduced Melo Mango and Lavida to the locals in NYC. Shortly after, Cristina found out she was in her first trimester; having to play it safe, she took a break and transitioned into motherhood. April 2019 Keep Calm Aromatherapy was legally born, soft launching on Etsy with four items. Present day, we offer quality essential oil infused products and aromatherapy services tailored to your aromatic needs. Keep Calm Aromatherapy is your cheat code to tranquility, and daily balance. 

All products are made in house, by hand. All plastic packaging used are BPA free.