The Path to Calm..

I’ve been gone for those who noticed, taking a step back from adding more to a breaking plate… and I’d love to say it in a way that was completely my choosing, it was nothing like that. My hand was forced by the universe, and I dropped my plate. Shattered upon impact and as I tried to collect the fragments of what used to be I realized what it was, reflecting back at me.. it was only when I lost control, did I realize what it meant to be calm.

Calm is not controlling. Calm allows. Calm gives grace. Calm allows you to breathe, it encourages each breath.. to keep going, to keep calm.

I got a new plate now, bigger too. I have all I need to fulfill me regularly..

I’m at peace with the process and proud of my progress.

When I think of where I want and need Keep Calm on my plate, how it fulfills me most.. I won’t lie and say it was easy to press pause… though I appreciate the privilege to do those in these early stages. I have so much in store and there’s no better time than now to reintroduce Keep Calm Aromatherapy and what we offer.  Redefining what it means to keep calm inside and out. Equipping us with tools and education that will come in handy where and when calm feels out of reach.

I took a step and there’s a slight hesitance with taking a step forward.. I want to get it right, this company is more than just products, it’s a lifestyle that truly allows me to grow through it and I feel strongly about sharing it. Where I want to take Keep Calm Aromatherapy requires so much more than I’ve been giving. I can’t take too many breaks. There’s no such thing as the perfect time. I thank those of you who reached out directly to place an order while the store was closed. Your support meant triple during that time, while I was getting it together I know people count on these products. Products I believe in and created for others to reap the same benefits. 

I appreciate your patience and I encourage feedback as well. Your feedback is so necessary to our growth. 

I speak “we” “our” “us” a lot when in reality, it’s just me. one person, wearing all the hats. As I expand, I will add to the team. For now, it’s just me. And Keep Calm Aromatherapy is my core. I’m not making a comeback, I’m coming back to my roots. 


Currently diffusing: tangerine, lemon grass, eucalyptus.

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