The Essentials

Essentials oils can be used singular, and be extremely useful for multiple purposes. You make magic combining them as well, knowing your oil makes all the difference when using your oil. Here at Keep Calm Aromatherapy, we learn and study our oils, their blending factors, and compatibility for the overall goal to health and wellness. Mother Nature is so generous, constantly gifting us healing and revitalizing plants for us to evolve with. A beautiful family. Remember with oils, dilution is key. 


Latin name: Eucalytpus globulus Labill

Distilled from the leaves and mature branch of plant. 

[Region found: Australia, South Africa]

Some Benefits: antibacterial, anti anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant. Great for clearing the respiratory system, also a mental stimulant and mood stabilizer. 


Limble massage oil, intended for deep massages to assist in improving blood circulation, and supports relief in muscle aches and pains. 

Lavida Linen spray as an anti viral agent and respiratory soother.

Aromachemist notes: Eucalyptus is a wonderful oil, so refreshing and most commonly used for diffusing and bath soaks. I love using it in a massage oil as a happy medium. It doubles the benefits, you gain the aromatic emotional and mental benefits while reaping the muscle relaxing physical effects on your skin. 


Latin name: Pelargonium graveolens L'Her

Distilled from the leaves of the flower

[Region found: Egypt, Madagascar, China, Bulgaria, England, USA]

Some Benefits: antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, hormonal balance, great for oily skin, women dealing with any stage of PMS, tension reliever


Lavida room linen spray, intended for refreshing the air, creating an uplifting euphoric environment.

Melo Mango body butter, intended for improving blood circulation, relieving physical tension, overall mood enhancer and aides in healthy skin regeneration 

Aromachemist notes: Geranium is a woman's bestfriend (men can benefit from geranium as well) tending to PMS/menopause/puberty symptons and side effects. Emotionally relaxing and motivating. A great oil that caters to all your replenishing needs.. Physically, your skin will thank you for the youthful glow.


Latin name: Lavendula angustifolia

Distilled from the flowering tops

[Region found: France, Bulgaria, England, USA]

Some Benefits: sedative, cell regeneration, nervine, vulnerary, antiviral, reduces anxiety 


Lavida room linen spray, intended for mental ease, supportng a clean fresh environment

Aromachemist notes: Lavender is the first oil I began my collection with, it's the starter oil for many people who indulge in aromatherapy, the popularity behind it is justified. This powerful oil is great for just about any need you can think of. Blending it in a spray gives you control of your environment. Its scent is so powerful, altering even the worst of moods. Lavender is soothing, relaxing and tranquilizing in the best way possible. Great for children as well, very soothing and sedative when needed.



Latin name: Citrus Limon

Expressed from the peel of the fruit

[Region found: Italy, Argentina, Sicily, Cyprus, USA

Some Benefits: antibacterial, antioxidant, depurative, immune enhancer, nervine


Lavida room linen spray, intended for supportng a clean environment, enhancing the air quality, providing mental clarity and focus.

WAKEMEUP Shower melts, intended to refresh, provide clarity and motivate energy boost for morning routine

Aromachemist notes: Lemon is so refreshing, the perfect alarm clock for your nostrils, making it very obvious why I chose to blend it with WAKEMEUP synergy.. Adding it to the Lavida formula is ideal for a calm study session, or when you're cleanng your home. So fresh and so clean, word to outkast.



Latin name: Citrus sinensis

Expressed from the peel of the fruit

[Region found: Italy, Israel, Spain, USA]

Some Benefits: antimicrobial, antiseptic, nervine, stress reliever, mood enhancer


Melo Mango body butter, intended for improving blood circulation, relieving physical tension, overall mood enhancer

WAKEMEUP Shower melts, intended to vitalize mood for a smooth morning routine

Aromachemist notes: I love orange, it's invigorating, its emotional properties works wonders in the showermelts and body butter, adding a little zest to the day. Like a fresh glass of orange juice, absorb the benefits of that juicy fruit in the air  



Latin name: Citrus reticulata

Expressed from the peel of the fruit

[Region found: Southeast Asia]

Some Benefits: antiseptic, antispasmodic, cytophylactic, depurative, sedative


WAKEMEUP Shower melts, intended to motivate and boost energy in a calming way.

Aromachemist notesTangerine is my favorite citrus, personally feel it's the most potent scent wise of the citrus family. I love the oil as much as I do the actual fruit. The refreshing mental properties are why I incorporated it into the shower melt blend. What a great way to start the day. 


Latin name: Gaultheria fragrantissima

Distilled/steamed from the leaves 

[Region found: Nepal]

Some Benefits: antibacterial, antimicrobial, tension relief, methyl salicylate (similar to asipirin) analgesic and anti-inflammatory


Limble massage oil, intended for deep massages to assist in improving blood circulation, and support relief in tense muscle aches and strong pains. 

Aromachemist notesWintergreen is such an alluring oil, and highly potent. Extra caution is needed when blending/using this oil. It's normally not recommended for aromatherapy usage, however with much research and experimenting I found a great way to dilute it. In Limble, it plays such a supporting role in aiding pain relief. It smells so good, children think it’s candy. Please keep out of reach of children, and dilute dilute dilute when in use.

Ylang Ylang

Latin name: Cananga odorata 

Distilled from the flowers

[Region found: Reunion islands, Comoros, Madagascar] 

Some Benefits: aphrodisiac, nervine, antidepressant


Lavida room linen spray, intended for Anixety reducer, sense of reassurance, euphoric mood booster

Melo Mango body butter, intended for improving skin rejuvenation for stressed and aging skin

Aromachemist notes:Ylang Ylang is enticing, she’s fiery and floral all in one. A pleasant motivating oil, Using it in the body butter gives your skin the benjamin button effect, while in the spray it creates a euphoric environment that is as relaxing as it is productive.  


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