How to turn your shower into a Sauna.

Breathe.. exhale deeply.

Now before you inhale, think about how you've been feeling and breathing..

Steam inhalation is a great way to open up your respiratory system and flush toxins out of your body. There are several ways to practice steam inhalation, we'll start with the bathroom.

Today, I will help you turn your shower (bathroom) into a sauna. 

Things you'll need:

  • A bathroom (shower)
  • a towel or washcloth (for yourself) 
  • Epsom salt (for the shower) 
  • Essential oils (optional yet effective) 
  • OR use Shower melts ( WAKEMEUP )
  • Extra towel for under the door if necessary. 


What you'll do: 

Open the windows or doors in your bathroom 1 hour before the session (keeping it cool makes for good steam when hot). Gather your supplies, if using oils I would suggest combining them with your salt letting it marinate together as the bathroom cools. Once you're ready to go, close the windows and close the door (seal floor with towel if needed) and turn on the shower, water hot. Plug the drain, close curtains and wait a few minutes as steam builds. Peek in and toss in your mixed salts and inhale.. Let the water run for a few more minutes. Soak your wash cloth with COLD water, keep it close in the event you begin to feel light headed, wipe your neck and forehead when needed. Peel the curtain back, turn the water off. Relax near the shower, inhaling and exhaling deeply, eyes closed. set a timer for 15 minutes. meditate, focus on an intention and enjoy your very own private sauna session. 

Why it's a good idea: 

steam helps open respiratory system while aiding your body in toxin release. Saunas are also great for improving health, wellness and brain health. A great sleep inducer and stress reliever. Burns calories and it's extremely relaxing I can't say that enough. So many benefits and so easy to create our very own sauna like experience. the steam loosens us up from the inside out. Try for yourself and see. 

How often should you do this?

Attempt to go to your home sauna once a week, see if you feel a difference, if so take note of these changes. Share with us your experience. We'd love to hear all about it.


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