The holidays triggers many different emotions for us. As of November 2020, on top of seasonal depression and colder weather, we are in a pandemic.
COVID 19 cases are rising in the united states, and tension is right behind it.
The holidays mean different things for everyone. Gratitude is usually at the top of the list for many.
Thanks + giving.
What are you thankful for?
What are you giving to yourself?
What have you been giving to others?
What do you want to give more of?
Have you been giving too much?
We have been through a lot this year, we owe it ourselves to express gratitude for what we have overcome. We are giving thanks for the fact that we are still here. We are giving thanks for our health and our loved ones.
We lost many people this year, their absence will be harder to process during this holiday season. My prayers are with the families of the departed.
Many of us won't make it home with these COVID travel restrictions. For some this is the worst way to spend the holidays and for others, they couldn’t have found a better excuse to stay home.
Whichever way we choose to spend the holidays, express gratitude. Take some time to verbalize what you’re grateful for, this year in particular.
We are creating our new world, we need to Keep Calm while staying safe. We have to think of others as well as ourselves.
It’s hard out here, even for those of us who have it “easy”. Life is always testing our patience, our resilience and need for tranquility.
You can enjoy the holidays without ignoring our current reality. Acknowledging what we are dealing with does not have to kill your vibe. We can be responsible when meeting with our loved ones. A lot of us haven’t seen our families since the beginning of the year. Reuniting will feel so good.
Continue to follow precautions like washing hands, wearing masks when in crowded spaces. Social distancing is still a thing. Enforce it.
We all want to feel normal, whatever that means.. while it may be hard to define what normal feels like, we can still feel gratitude.
Happy holidays, Keep Calm and stay safe.
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