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Yay! You got a Keep Calm diffuser or are curious about using one, here’s what you need to know:

Diffusion is a method used to transmit essential oils into the air within a closed space.   

Diffusers effectively reduce microbes in the air, affects the mood/motivation and emotion, especially supporting respiratory health. Controlling the environmental ambiance, reducing anxiety, combating sleep disorders and improving overall air quality are also benefits of diffusers.

The different diffuser styles are: Ceramic, Reed, Electric, Candle, Nebulizer, and Ultrasonic.

While each type has their own benefits I will focus on ultrasonic (Keep Calm’s diffuser is ultrasonic). Ultrasonic diffusers can also double as a humidifier due to the electric fans breaking down the water into mist a lot faster.

Using your diffuser is as simple as selecting your favorite pure Essential oil and adding a few drops to your diffuser tank filled with cool water. How many drops varies on the size of the tank.

Follow these general guidelines:

100ml 3-5 drops

200ml 6-10 drops

300ml 9-12 drops

400ml 12-15 drops [our diffuser is 400ML]

500ml 15-20 drops

Now that you understand the amount of drops, feel free to experiment with oils. Blending them with each other, inhale the magic you create. 

Essential oils are so powerful and have so many useful purposes that the possibilities are truly endless!


Cleansing and tending to your diffuser is important and vital to the longevity of your usage. It might seem annoying at first, but once in the habit it’s a breeze. Drain any left over water from the usage (bottle it up if you wanna use it for another time*), wipe down diffuser and let air dry. 

If you choose to use a cleaning solution (our diffuser comes with a 2oz blend)

cleaner solution instructions: Highly concentrated, dilute with water (fill to 1/4 of tank) diffuse for 2-3 minutes, power off, unplug, drain & wipe clean with cloth dabbing any tough oily spots with extra cleaner. Wipe dry, run as usual.

Remember essential oils and water naturally do not mix. They will leave a filmy residue behind. Allowing it to build up eventually clogs your diffuser, making it weaker, and ultimately shutting down.

Be sure to wipe any excess liquid from your diffuser when not in use. 

Using a diffuser is simple and very beneficial to our goal of Keeping Calm, be mindful when using around children and animals as some oils may be too strong for them. They can greatly benefit from diffusers as well when done correctly. Please do your research on the specific oil in mind and how it affects children and or animals.

I love diffusers, so to end this off I will share some blend recipes I love dearly and the moods they put me in. Experiment with the drops as you please.

Hello gorgeous

  • Lavender
  • Ylang ylang extra
  • Geranium

Very sensual, so into myself. Feel beautiful every time.

Clean up clean up

  • Lemongrass
  • Grapefruit
  • Eucalyptus

Gets me pumped up and motivated for a good cleaning session.

Focus baby !

  • Laurel leaf
  • Peppermint
  • Tangerine

I can focus and finish my tasks with a lot more joy and ease. Also great for memory retention.

Do I spoil you or what?

Let me know how you use these blends and diffusers.. What's your experience? Any favorite blends? Comment below.

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