4 Ways to Keep Calm during a pandemic

Everything is up in the air, there's a heightened level of uncertainty, our mortality is staring us in the face.
How do we keep calm?

I could say it's as simple as purchasing Keep Calm products, however, that's just one of the many steps we can take in the calming process. 

We are currently all experiencing to some degree the effects of this pandemic, news outlet makes it so you can't spell pandemic without panic. However, we don't need to feed into the frenzy, now more than ever a balance is needed.

Here are 4 ways to remain calm during these trying times:

1. Validate your news sources. 

Misinformation is scary and spreads like wildfire. Knowledge is comforting, do your research on what's going on, especially if it triggers your anxiety. Fear is rooted in the unknown, a lot of these memes and whats app/Facebook shared content are completely invalid. Validating your sources is a soothing way to reduce anxiety. CDC.gov is constantly updating information regarding the current crisis.  

2. Reduce the time spent on social media.

It might seem as if though you need to be connected now more than ever, and while that is true... taking a step away from your phone for a few does wonders for the mental state, Pick up a book, watch a movie, talk to your loved ones, write out how you're feeling.. even if it is for an hour or so.

3. Practice meditation or simply being still. 

Clearing our minds during this chaotic period may seem impossible, with everything going on. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can't seem to clear your mind long enough to meditate in the beginning. Practice makes progress, progress is perfect. The effort you make will add to your tranquility and provide a sense of comfort within yourself that can ease anxiety. 

4. Make getting rest a priority. 

Whether it's a full 8 hours of sleep or adding a daily nap, rest is so important. Resting can be as simple as just laying on the couch doing nothing. You're allowed to take a break, get some rest and allow your body to guide you to what task to tackle next. 


Cleaning is such a refreshing way to get your mind off the anxiety, Clean up your home, clean your electronic devices, (clear laptop, phones, DVR, etc) Spring cleaning doesn't stop with your physical space, clear your mental and emotional compartments, Refresh your spirit as well. Feel rejuvenated. 


We can be honest about what's happening, in a calm manner. Many of us are on the frontlines, in every essential field, from medical, transportation, food industry just to name a few. A lot of us are adjusting shelter in place orders to working from home, assisting our children with their school work and trying to figure everything else out all at the same time. So many have lost their jobs and livelihood, and all of us combined are dealing directly or indirectly with the impact of COVID 19. On a global scale, this is something we are all working together to get through. It's not easy, just know you are not alone. 

May the souls that have lost the battle to COVID-19 rest in peace, and their loved ones find solace in their departure. 



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