Bath soak benefits

Bath time isn't just for children, adults benefit immensely from soaking in the tub.

Think of a bath like a reset for your body, mind, and spirit. A bath is also hydrating your body like we do when we drink water. Soaking in the tub is extremely beneficial.

Taking a bath may seem time-consuming yet worth every minute. It’s amazing what soaking in some salt and even oils can do for you.

20 minutes.

That’s all you need to detox your body.

Set a timer and let go of time. 

Soaking in Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt and pink Himalayan salt, (these are just the most popular.) all have their own rejuvenating benefits. Tending to your joints, muscles, and bones, a good soak can even help you breathe better.

Meditating is a bonus while your body is submerged in the tub. Clearing your mind and taking this time for yourself is always necessary. Mentally, baths benefit the brain and nervous system helping soothe anxiety and reduce stress levels.

When's the last time you put your mind at ease while your body rehydrates AND detoxes simultaneously? 

Make some time.. Give it a go.

Your local rite aid, Walgreens & CVS sell Epsom salts for reasonable prices usually around $6-8 a lb; you can also find them online, there are plenty of salt brands and worth the investment to buy in large quantities. Plus, you just need two cups of salt per bath.

Bath soaks can become a regular thing very easily.

I'm a proud bath soak advocate. 

Got some essential oils on deck? This is the icing on the cake. Add your essential oils once you’re sitting in the tub or you can mix it with the salt and shake it up before pouring it in.

Don’t exceed more than 6-8 drops of oil for one bath session.

Essential oils are powerful and oil-soluble, meaning water does not dilute them. Water and oil truly do not mix. The oils will cling to your body, which is great for the benefits, not so great if you overdo it. You may experience an adverse reaction. Keeping it at 6-8 drops per tub full of water is playing it safe while enjoying the benefits. I'm speaking from my personal methods of soaking and research. I've yet to have an adverse reaction to a bath soak with essential oils, I do my homework before a bath. Setting my intention for the bath and selecting the oils that fit that criteria.. 6-8 drops is usually the magic number, considering the power. 

Do your own research on the oils you’re using, understand the benefits and the possible side effects. You know yourself best.

If you want to just soak in salt alone, you will still reap plenty of benefits and give your body the refreshing hydration it deserves.

*Keep Calm BONUS *  

Bedtime Baby 

2 cups Epsom salt

4 drops Eucalyptus oil

2 drops Lavender

Hello Beautiful

2 cups of dead sea salt

1 drop peppermint oil

3 drops eucalyptus

2 drops geranium

I'm off to go soak in my tub using a mix of Epsom and dead sea salt.. A few drops of juniper berry, laurel leaf & peppermint to give me the boost I desire to finish the week off strong.

Keep calm, stay safe.  

Leave us a comment sharing how you feel about baths and if you tried our recipes. I'd personally love to hear your experiences. 

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I’ve been having really long days at work recently so I wanted to look for quick stress-relief methods to help me. I appreciate you mentioning that I only need 20 minutes to reap the benefits of a bath with sea salts. I’m interested in trying this out so I hope I can get my hands on some bath salts soon.

Claire Masters

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