Relocation: Making Big Moves

Relocation: Making Big Moves

April 2021 I moved from NYC to NC. It was one of the biggest decision I've made thus far. It wasn’t an easy one to make, to uproot from the only state I’ve called home to a brand new one, where I barely knew anyone. 
Ultimately, it came down to the future I’m creating and the life I want to lead with my daughter.

I wanted more space, more trees and to provide my child with everything she deserves and more. That’s my why. I get asked often why would I move from NYC where my core support system is and everything/one I’ve ever known? And that’s why. I wanted more and I’m not scared to start something new. 

“I don’t want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me.” Word to Frank Costello, that line always resonated with me. I always strived to make my environment a product of me, and I finally feel I have done just that.

It’s been an interesting year full of ups, down, unexpected joys and challenges. I’m grateful I made the move, I have learned so much of myself and still learning.. I am watching my daughter adjust and blossom. Overall I am happy. 

Of course I miss my family, friends and even the city. And in those moments, I look around me and realize I have created this environment for us. I love where I live. Aromatherapy helps, I relax in my space and remind myself they are just a call and flight away. 

Making big moves can be scary, keeping calm through it is not always easy. Though that extra effort to do so always works itself out. 

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