Confessions of a Calm Mom.

Confessions of a Calm Mom.

Do I feel like I'm going insane at times? Yes. Are there days I crawl into a corner and cry? Yes. However, those moments don't last long. Self-care is a huge part of the reason those moments fade quickly. I've been a mom for two years, going on three now. I love being a mom, I love my daughter so much. I have learned so much about myself as a mom and my daughter as my child. I am still learning daily, though these first two years have been insightful like nothing I have ever experienced. 

I am incredibly grateful for Aromatherapy. I didn't realize how much support it has given me through my transition into motherhood until recently. Keep Calm Aromatherapy was in motion before I entered motherhood. I put it on the back burner while pregnant for health concerns with Essential oil blending. Pregnant women are susceptible to scents; Essential oils are potent. Having them around infants is not recommended under six months. A break was not even a question, it was mandatory. 

As I adjusted to motherhood, I went back into launching Keep Calm Aromatherapy when my daughter turned a year old. Since then, I continuously indulge in self-care activities with aromatherapy. Being a certified aromatherapist has its perks. I blend some great formulas for my diffuser. I'm quick to prepare myself a salt bath like nothing you have ever smelled. I am so revitalized, even if it's just for the day/night. 

That's a staple piece in my parenting. As a mompreneur, it feels as if I am always exhausted. If it's not physically tired one day, it's mentally, if not that... it's emotionally. It's a constant whirlwind. Keeping the balance of it all is a job on its own. On both positive and negative sides of the spectrum, it’s intense. Parenting is a raw experience. I wear many hats, and Mommy is my uniform. I show up every day. Did I mention I'm "homeschooling"? Prepping is what I like to call it—mainly focusing on development, structured play, and activities of that nature. Adjusting to this is different. I receive a lot of compliments on how calm I am. How seamlessly it seems I have adapted to motherhood. It feels good to hear words of praise, I'm honestly giving it the best I have. This is one of the hardest things I've had to do. I'm committed for life. 

Motherhood has added a newfound motivation to realize all my wildest dreams. I have a child who will mirror me until she realizes she's looking at her mother as a woman and has found herself. She won't notice that if I give up my passions, desires to achieve goals and places I want to explore. While I get excited just thinking about it, it's a lot of work I'm putting in. I have to Keep Calm, above all else. How do I do that exactly? I squeeze these self-care acts in as often as possible, still not as often as I should. I'm making progress, so it counts. I'll share a few of my go-to replenishment acts. I feel recharged and energized when I make time for these activities. Making time is so important as a parent and business owner. 

Patience is a practice. Repeat that until it makes sense. 

Salt baths w| Essential oils: this is a must. I do this weekly and on a good week, more than twice a week. I use a mix of dead sea salt and Epsom to purify my body, and I tend to blend floral oils for a soothing experience. Invest in a bath pillow. Thank me later.

Face masks: I love a good face mask, It just makes me feel pampered and loved. My face seems to enjoy the time. Lately, I have been mixing red Moroccan clay with Rose hydrosol. It's simple to make, and I rarely use oils in face masks. I paint my face for 20 minutes and steam wipe it off with a hot washcloth. I do this every other week.

Diffusing oil blends: oh, do I have fun with this. The combinations are out of this world, and I can create any ambiance I want. I usually diffuse daily for a max of 6 hours at a time. I try to give a day or two in between blend changes. One blend I may stretch for three days. I love diffusing oils, and I can use them for any occasion. 

Sound meditation: I have had quite the journey with meditation that I am very grateful to have gotten this far. I am still not able to meditate for an hour straight through yet. I do rack up my minutes daily when I have a little downtime. Sounds are so helpful. I use my sound bowl, or I go on youtube and search for one I resonate with at the moment. It's perfect for resetting my mood after chaos or setting my intentions for the day. I spend about 10 minutes at a time, as often as I can squeeze in during the day and the week flows smoother for me.   


COMMUNITY! Engaging with my support system is also a great way to keep calm; asking for help is hard. Though it’s not that hard when you maintain communication with those in your support system openly and frequently. It makes all the difference.

WINE! I love some wine. Red, I prefer more a sweeter blend, depending on my meal. 


Are you a mompreneur? How do you keep calm? I would love to know your methods. Let me know if my practices resonate with you and what's your personal experience with these methods. Comment below and share this with other mompreneurs. 





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