3 Essential Oils Kids Love

3 Essential Oils Kids Love

Aromatherapy benefits the entire family. Though with children, you have to be cautious. Once you take precautions, your child/ren can enjoy all of the benefits. I’ll share three safe oils kids love and their benefits. I have personally used these with my toddler and have taken notes of how she’s affected. Always do a smell test first, and note any reactions. 


Lavender is universal. I love it so much. For kids, it’s the perfect oil for winding down, you can find plenty of natural bedtime bath soap that includes lavender, so if you’re already using that for your children, you’re on to something good. After a long day of exciting toddler activities, it’s such a soothing oil helping your baby sleep much better. You can diffuse it in your child’s room or add a drop or two to their bath and watch the magic happen. 


Peppermint is perfect at helping children focus mentally. Life through a child’s eye is so vibrant and always moving so fast. Getting them to stay focused can be so challenging. Peppermint is also great for the respiratory, allowing your children to breathe easily. Peppermint is very sweet, so be sure to keep it out of reach. They may confuse it with candy. 



Sometimes kids need a pick me up. Something that can give them an extra boost throughout the day, tangerine, is that oil. It’s perfect for diffusing when the children seem to be having a bad day or just a bit cranky. Great for playtime and in the morning to help wake them up. 

These three oils have so many benefits and, when appropriately diluted, are extremely useful to your child’s energy levels. 

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